This page is carried out within a non-profit framework of an NGO. Unfortunately, the revenues do not cover the costs of the website activities. How can you support us?

Volunteer work can be one of the opportunities to contribute to the project. We are seeking for journalists translator who can interpret our materials mainly form English to Hungarian ( there will be a possibility to translate from other languages too). If you are interested please send an e-mail to and let us know what are your capabilities, and in case there are materials to translate we will contact you.

Transferring 1 % of the taxes can be very helpful also. In case you are not donating this amount to anybody, than government will use it on their own purpose, thus it is better if you can donate this 1% to us and sent them to 18322927-2-41 tax number and indicate in the organisation field Foundation of Subjective Values (in Hungarian: Szubjektív Értékek Alapítványt).  (For more information about our activities please visit 

In case you are very interested and have no problems with money, than you can donate money to the website development to this account number: 11709002-20122717 . Please indicate the amount desired to be transferred with the bulletin 'Perspectives - donations'.

The most important, to be a constant reader of our page, find interesting our articles, and recommend the blog to your friends!
Thank you very much! team

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