About us

Foundation of Subjective Values launches a Europe-wide project Media4us, which is focused on the role of third country national's (TCN) immigrants in the EU member states. The project aims to enhance the general public’s perception on migration by making IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR INTEGRATION EFFORTS MORE VISIBLE IN SOCIETY. Therefore, in order to give immigrants a voice and a face in the media and in politics Foundation of Subjective Values together with other 7 EU member states (Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Sweden and UK) will put an effort to create a more comfortable atmosphere for immigrants.

The project involves comprehensive new multimedia strategies, involving national digital media platforms, QR-code technology for mobile telephones and a 4 - 8 page (print) attachment to a national printed press in eight EU member states, published simultaneously on the same day “Europe-wide”. Media4us project involve descent cooperation of not only Third Country National’s representatives but also consultative bodies at national and local levels.

2012.05.24. 19:18