Photo Competition

 Perspektivak announces a call for national (Hungarian) photo competition with a theme „Melting Pot” and focus of intercultural communication of immigrants and Hungarians for the month of May 2012.  We are looking forward for works from amateur and professional photographers, who can send us a 2D material by depicting an interaction of different cultures. The competition will award the first three winners with valuable prizes.

Don’t miss a chance to become the winner of the national photo competition and get a prize with the value of 100.000 HUF and a possibility to win in international photo completion of Medea4us project! Being the second you will still have a chance to receive a prize with the value of 60.000 HUF, while being on the third place you will be greeted with 40.000 HUF.

Take your chance to be involved in this project and become a part of Europe wide international photo competition an send your pictures until the 15th of June! For more details discover “Guidelines for participation in Photo Competition”.


2012.05.24. 19:18