Expensive black limousine driver

limodriver1.jpgBy Hakeem Babalola

While many foreigners do complain of non-availability of jobs in Hungary, Charles who commands 25,000 HUF per hour obviously has a different perspective. “I am expensive,” says Mr. Charles, the first commercial black limousine driver in Hungary.

Though he gets paid monthly, there are occasions when his company charges clients 25,000HUF for an hour drive. 

In an exclusive interview with our community reporter, Charles, a Nigerian who came to Hungary in 2001 and married Hungarian in 2005, feels proud driving tourists around Budapest.

“I feel good. I feel great to see myself driving this car. It’s not just for me but for the whole black community”.

Telling the joyful experience, an enthusiastic Charles describes his clients as open-minded who often encourage him.

For him, meeting different people from all over the world such as America, England, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Russia, etc is a lifetime experience.

Charles, who has once driven Miss Hungary around, says he is having fun driving limousine. 


“I have special demand from people,” he affirms, adding that his boss usually sells him at a higher rate thus making him more expensive than his Hungarian counterparts.

Though expensive, Charles explains further that Hungarians also book for him – especially for parties and weddings.

However, such popularity attracts envy. “Some of my colleagues do jealous. They would tell my boss why only Charles. Sure my boss knows better,” he declares.

How did he get the job especially when many foreigners passionately believe they are being discriminated against when it comes to job opportunity?

Charles smiles his reply saying he has no “difficulty getting this job”. He adds that he was one of the first batches recruited after his wife saw the job advertisement in one of the Hungarian online magazines.

Does he have any word of encouragement for fellow Africans living in Hungary, and foreigners in general? “Never give up. No matter what you’re going through, never give up. I never believe I would get this job but here I am. I’ve suddenly become a celebrity. Sometimes they pose with me and the limousine.


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