Experts were discussing multiculturalism in Budapest

Text by Samuel Dauda

Photos by István Csákány / TLI

_MG_5588.jpgConference on Democracy and Human Right was once again hosted in Budapest -- 28th of June 2012.  Among the dignitaries and participants that greased the occasion were : Dr Tove Malloy, Dr Henry Nickels, Dóra Ligárt. Mrs Rita Izsak, Zsolt Nemeth, Professor Jon van Til, Dr Agnes Kover, Rainer Huhle, Janos Takacs. Gerbeaud conference centre hosted the event.

In their presentation Dr Tove Malloy and Henri Nickels are of the opinion that multiculturalism is an idealistic concept worthy of being pursuit by all societies. That nothing is wrong, postulating that minority groups should integrate into the majority -- however the society benefits more if the integration were to be Mutual. Dóra Ligárt (HR manager at Cisco system - Hungary) and Mrs Rita Izsak (president and CEO Tom Lantos Institute) reiterated  their organization efforts towards; Mutual-cultural-integration. CISCO we were made to understand operates in more than sixty-five countries. And the bringing together elements from all these  countries, enriches technology and promote greater harmony.
At the afternoon session of the conference professor Jon Van Til of Rutgers University USA presented ideas on prejudices and conflict prevention. He said that; the Media, inter-cultural dialogue, Improvement in the economic well-being of minorities, are some of the essential tolls necessary in preventing a tense situation -- becoming explosive. According to him the absence of these measures may lead to enforced disappearance. (An enforced disappearance takes place when a person is arrested, detained or abducted by the state or agents acting for the state, who then deny that the person is being held or conceal their whereabouts, placing them outside the protection of the law).He also stated that in areas of the world -- where conflict had endured for long before coming to an end – measures that support and emplaced cultural respect, and diversity should be encouraged between the tensed group. Projects like the peace bridge (Foyle), Pendle-Hill; peace and reconciliation treaty (the South African experience) --  are worthy imitations.
Janos Takacs (administrative officer for ELECTROLUX -- Hungary) pointed out, efforts been made by his organization to defuse tension between the larger Hungarian citizenry and the Roma people. Such efforts includes education for Roma children, breaking down discriminatory clogs that hinders employment,and promoting intercultural communication between Roma and the larger society. According to him, 1.9% of Hungary population are from Roma descent and 2% of this figure are gainfully employed. Takacs  Janos stated that discrimination has many facet: majority discriminating against minority, minority discriminating against majority, discrimination against elements of either group co-operating with the perceived enemy.


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