Hungary a land my dreams came true

By Itopa Tersoo Omeiza

DSCN3235.JPGPeople have their own different perspective about Hungary; I hear a lot of people say Hungary is a very difficult place to live because of their low economic standard of living, yet at the same time a lot of foreigners describe Hungary as a cheap and comfortable place to live. Here is the story of Melinda Marcziova a friend of mine from Slovakia, who saw Budapest, Hungary as a dream coming true.    

"My heart led me to Budapest, Hungary and I stayed devoted to Slovakia at the very same time…"


     2 years ago my aeroplane from New York landed in Budapest. I was returning from a student´s summer work-stay. I have been more of visiting this wonderful City – Budapest from my childhood days, but this time I felt I needed to come here for good. I studied International Business in Bratislava, so I later found a job in a multinational company here in Budapest making profit from my Slovak language knowledge. Starting up in a new country was a little difficult. According to my experiences, bureaucracy in offices is kind of discouraging here, on the other hand I can not even dream of such opportunities and challenges waiting for me here in this country. Quickly I understood that, a multinational company system, with hundreds or thousands of employees, open-spaces offices and coldness in relationships towards employees without rewarding them properly is not fitting into my world, So I changed to a smaller multinational company, again thanks to my language and other skills J. The company had only 15 employees at the moment, and again an open-space together with enormous sell-orientated pressure. I was very unhappy of these work experiences, they changed my Life completely…


I knew I wanted to go Internationally in with life, using language skills, being surrounded by open-minded and strong-minded people that are engaged in meaningful works and undertaking strong self-development…Then later during my stay here In Hungary I found a IT…The area is called “relationship marketing” and the company is “Talk Fusion”. I also found out that Hungary is a land with a big understand of relationship marketing, with such knowledge I knew-how to go about my business here in Hungary, no other country has ever giving me this kind of opportunity, step by step my vision became more clear. I learnt a lot from Hungarian leaders about relationship marketing’ and I’m still learning as much as I can so that I can share my knowledge also with the people from my birth-country “Slovakia”. I am doing my very best to fulfil this purpose, I created a website and I’m building on it, every now and then I travel and hold presentations in Slovakia, working and teaching people how to improve their lives through relationship marketing. The reason I chose Talk Fusion as a company to associate with, is because of its wonderful management, unique compensation plan, innovative services in a field of internet and video communication technology, easy and well work-out system duplicable by Anyone and most of all because it is a serious International business available in 220 countries…

Relationship marketing is the most meaningful profession I´ve ever thought it would be and I am more than thankful to People in this country that showed me this way, my way...


Thank You Hungary :)

You can watch Melinda's video message at this link

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