Taxes are very high in Hungary and the system is discouraging

By Itopa Tersoo Omeiza

 African bufe pix.jpg The first owners of an African buffet in Hungary describe their challenges and also the present situations while trying to establish their business here Hungary. In an exclusive video interview with Emmy, the owner of the first African buffet in Hungary that was awarded on the category of “Best exotic cheap eats honorable mention” by Time out Budapest in 2010 talks about the situations in the Hungarian market.

Emmy is from Zanzibar, Tanzania and has been living here in Hungary for about 12 to 13 year now, according to him, he has never experience any form of racism from neither the government or an individual ever since he establish his business here in Hungary. The only simple situation the buffet is facing at the moment is the high level of control and taxes, and besides this, the buffet is new and a lot of people are yet to know about it.      

Also, in an interview with the Co-owner of the African buffet who spoke about the challenges the buffet has been facing right from the day they started the business here in Hungary until date. In her words she said “It’s not easy to establish a business here in Hungary, its purely difficult, because you have to go through a long process; In the beginning they will ask you to get a place for your business and it might take 6 months or one year before you will get an approver, thereby the rent which you have paid is still reading, and you have to be paying it before getting the permission to establish it” she also said its very difficult for a small scale business to obtain load here in Hungary, unlike other western countries that microcredit offers business loan for them to run their own business, and also there is too much control for restaurant business here in Hungary, while the electricity bills is very high same with the taxes.    





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