Hot rhythm & dance workshop in Budapest

By Hakeem Babalola

CIMG2623.JPGA four day African dance workshop is taking place in Budapest from 16th of August to 19th.

The event which is divided into two parts is expected to host in two different venues.

The hot rhythm & dance workshops are slated to take place at Soroksári út 164 in district 9 at Building 18. Nago Koite & Saf Sap who is described as Europe’s number 1 African dance teacher is to direct the event.

In the same parallel rhythm, there is going to be African Rhythm Camp for Children with Mbaye N’ Diaye & friends at the popular Millenaris in Kis Rókus utca 16-20 in district 2.

The Gala and concert to rap up the event at 7pm on the 19th August is also to take place here

According to Emilie Gauvreau, Marketing Manager at Bakelit Multi Art Center, the purpose is mainly to support African culture in an effort to further promote and encourage multi-cultural activities in Hungary.africa2012_e.jpg

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