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Story by Samuel Dauda-Brown
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bb0005 .jpgTo give they say is more honorable, and being our brothers keeper in times of huge distress seems to be the climax of all virtues. These are the values that gave birth to African-Hungarian Union five years ago (2007). As a result we decided to inquire on how they're fairing, difficulties they are facing, and the challenges ahead.

The first official I met is Virág Kiss (humanitarian department of African Hungarian union). She let me know that they would have loved to extend their humanitarian activities all over Africa countries -- but money seems to be the inhibitor. As a result our activities are presently limited to East and Central Africa, she said. When I asked her where do you get funds from? She said they get donations in kind and cash from Hungarians and foreigners alike.

These funds and goods are then directly distributed to the people who desired them. Also the organization, in conjunction with Hungarian medical association provides basic health needs to these war ravaged countries.Their assistance in Mali, Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia is well documented in the web. Members of our association also includes Africans she concluded 

image.jpgAnother member, Raymond Irambo (foreign affairs representative of AHU) an African who had been living in Hungary since 1982; educated at Budapest Technical University as an engineer -- said that, membership of this organization is voluntary and entails paying subscription to assist the union. He said; in these countries we are presently assisting, most school children hold classes in open air -- and they would love to correct that. There's also need to provide bore-hole and tap water for these communities.

According to Raymond Irambo, the annual African summit normally held by his organization is meant to create awareness and inform Hungarians about economic opportunities and humanitarian works that abounds in Africa. He concluded by saying Hungary can still play a positive role in the affairs of the continent. Raymond is married with two children and happens to be a foundation member. And so for all kind-hearted people -- Hungarian and foreigners alike, the ball is now on our court. Nothing is too small or too big, to be committed to the course of humanity. All you need do is to call on these numbers : 00363116958, 0036202624244, 0036204604049. 003612880080, 003612880081, and they will brief you on how to proceed.

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