Brazilians who rock Budapest

By Hakeem Babalola 


The Brazilian community in Budapest seems to understand the power of integration.

It is this understanding that obviously gave birth to the first Brazil week which was celebrated on September 11 2011 in Budapest to commemorate the country’s independence.

Expected to be yearly event, the idea is to constantly mobilise the Brazilian community in Hungary, said Mr. Wagner Antunes, Brazilian Deputy Head of Mission.

BrazilCapoeira.JPGAlthough away from home, Brazilians believe they are part of the larger community hence the need to mix and socialise and join in the life of the community.

The event no doubt is also an initiative to show Brazilian culture, ways of life, dance, arts, exhibitions, Brazilian movies and food in this Danube region.

Since there is a very large number of Hungarians in Sao Paulo, the event is in essence an opportunity to bring more Brazilians to Hungary, according to the embassy.

Brazil1stInHungary.JPGMs Anita Gloria Frank, the first Brazilian in Hungary, came to Hungary at the tender age of 15. She said that she loved every minute of her staying in Hungary.

Brazilians living here can be found in every profession; Culture, theater, teaching, modeling, football and so on. 

Captured modeling for Adidas at a fashion show in Budapest is Altamiro who also plays football and teaches Capoaer dance.

BrazilActress.JPGRosana Mariano, described as the hottest Brazillian dancer in town, was captured doing her thing.  “I am committed to promoting Brazilian culture in Hungary,” she said.

There’s also a Brazilian who probably is the first migrant to be involved in theater – specializing in teaching aspiring actors and actresses in Hungary.

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