Russian Pancakes from Hungarian shops

By Alexandra Takács

7.JPGLiving in Hungary our family adapts Russian tradition and cuisine to the Hungarian environment. One of the favourite dainty of Russian cuisine is the traditional Russian pancakes made from kefir, as we call them at home “pancakes with little bubbles”.  

1.jpgHere is step-by-step recipe we created adopting Hungarian products.


Kefir 2,9% – 2 packages (375g)

Flower - 250g

One egg

milk 2,5% - 2dl

Salt  - ½ of teaspoon

Backing Soda - ½ of teaspoon

Sugar - 50g

Sunflower oil - 3 table spoons


Step 1 :  Pour 2 packs of Kefir into a large bowl, and sift it together first with backing Soda and salt.2.JPG

Step 2: Crack the egg into a bowl, whisking as you go.3.JPG

Step 3:  Gradually add the milk and shift it into the liquid.  Add in the resting dry ingredients (flower and sugar), and stir slowly until flour nubbins will disappear. Add 2 table spoons of sunflower oil, whisking as you go.4 (2).jpg

Step 4: Heat up the frying pan on a medium flame, coat it with a few drops of oil ( have a eye on making it not to oily). Pour about 3,5 table spoons, decide on the size of your panckaes, but the best is to start with the small ones.5.jpg

Step 5: Cook about two minutes, until you see the bubbles. Turn it to the other side until it becomes backed and remove.6.JPG

Step 6: Enjoy your meal! Приятного аппетита!

Try them with sour cream, jam or honey, these are the most favourite toppings in Russian families.

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