Immigrants playing football well

By Itopa Tersoo

A Nigerian man called Nelson Victor in 1995 found a football Academy here in Hungary named Internationale Football Academy – Afrique Internationale FC with the full name of Internationale club de Football (inter CDF SE). The Academy/ club was established with the motives of helping develop the skills of young footballers in Hungary and even beyond, who has a dream of taking football as their career in life regardless of their race, religion, creed, sex, ability or even financial status. The Academy has training sessions and once a week, a friendly match with top professional clubs. These training sessions are usually on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Most of the players in this Football Academy are migrants and as a result of this Academy, it has giving them a great support to integrate faster in Hungary which they have made their home already.

The Hungarian government, Hungarian football federation, Budapest football federation recognize the club, also the club has been recognized by the local council authorities, the club also have the support and recognition of the Nigerian embassy in Budapest. The African Hungarian Union, the Nigerian Union, The Ghanaian Union and the Cameroonian Union also recognize the Academy/ club.

Here is a short video interview with the founder of the Academy/ club, below.   

Címkék: Football Nelson Victor 2012.10.23. 21:57