Budapest is the European capital of classical music

By Ma Ying – Hai Di Last year, at the concert of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra in Budapest, a friend of mine introduced Lan Mei Li, a charming woman in her 30’s to me. She is a musician, now living in Switzerland but often coming back to Budapest, where she has finished her musical…

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Címkék: personal cultural Li Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra Lan Mei 2012.10.29. 09:59

Immigrants playing football well

By Itopa Tersoo A Nigerian man called Nelson Victor in 1995 found a football Academy here in Hungary named Internationale Football Academy – Afrique Internationale FC with the full name of Internationale club de Football (inter CDF SE). The Academy/ club was established with the motives of…

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Címkék: Football Nelson Victor 2012.10.23. 21:57

Russian Pancakes from Hungarian shops

By Alexandra Takács Living in Hungary our family adapts Russian tradition and cuisine to the Hungarian environment. One of the favourite dainty of Russian cuisine is the traditional Russian pancakes made from kefir, as we call them at home “pancakes with little bubbles”.   Here is…

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Címkék: gastro Russian pancakes 2012.10.17. 12:26

Brazilians who rock Budapest

By Hakeem Babalola  The Brazilian community in Budapest seems to understand the power of integration. It is this understanding that obviously gave birth to the first Brazil week which was celebrated on September 11 2011 in Budapest to commemorate the country’s independence. Expected to…

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Címkék: personal Wagner Anita Gloria Frank Rosana Mariano Brazil week Antunes 2012.10.16. 12:31

Big Joe and the Russian audience

By Alexandra TakácsIn the Year 2012, with the cooperation of Russian Cultural Centre a joint concert of two bands, „The Big Joe’s Band” and “Russian Rollers”, took place. The date of the first concert was April 13th, 2012 and I was one of the first visitors who was really impressed by the…

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2012.10.12. 13:56

Life in Europe

By Itopa Tersoo Living in a foreign land has been a great motivation and challenge to my life as an individual and as a businessman. I came all the way in 2010 from the western side of Africa (Nigeria) into Europe (Hungary) in order to further my education and see how I can secure a much more…

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Címkék: personal Europe IBS Africa Nigeria 2012.10.09. 09:00

Charity event marks Nigeria’s anniversary

By Hakeem Babalola The embassy of Nigeria in Budapest celebrated the country’s 52nd Independence Day with a visit to two social institutions in that country. The gesture, described as part of “a practical expression to bring the two countries and their people closer”, is the first of its…

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Címkék: public Chief Eddy Onuoha Nigeria charity event 2012.10.08. 10:00