The 1st of December

For many of you, the 1st of December represents nothing but the first winter day. For Romanians, the 1st of December represents the National Day of Romanians all around the world. It is the day when Romanians from Moldova, Bucovina, Transylvania and Basarabia united under one single state: The Greater Romania, without the involvement of any political party implications or Government propaganda.  94 years has passed but the Romanian spirit did not dilute despite of the boarder changes on the map.IMG_1237.JPG

I remember the days when I was celebrating the National Day of Romania in Moldova with the entire school as a national awakening. Now I am in Budapest and I feel like my Romanian roots are revived. I remember the Romanian personalities who marked not only our National culture but rather the Universal one: Mircea Eliade- the Romanian religion historian, philosopher, writer and University of Chicago professor who compelled the most fascinating and well-researched “Encyclopedia of Religions”; Constantin Brancusi – the Romanian sculptor, former student of Rodin, who walked 200 km by foot to Paris to bring “transcendental beauty and the inner elevation” to the universal art scene; George Enescu -  the Romanian composer, violinist, pianist and conductor who contributed with Romanian Rhapsodies and Oedipe opera  to the universal patrimony… and the list can continue to infinity.(Giedion 1959 :p.200)IMG_1128.JPG

In Budapest, Romanians have gathered in RaM Collosseum to celebrate the National Day. Priests, artists, businessmen, students, diplomats, children. Patronised by Romanian Cultural Institute, the event culminated in bringing one of the Belgrade Theatre awarded -performance “Recontres” (“Meetings”)of Dan Puric Romanian pantomime theatre. In a Charlie Chaplin style, “Recontres” traced invisible temporal bridges between the past, contemporary and future evolution of the love stories in the cinema history. Similar to it, I ‘virtually’ peregrinated through the most important events of the Romanian history…


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