Alsószentmárton – helped by a group of expats

by Ruxanda Renita Recently I watched Cloud Atlas - possibly one of the best movies of the moment. When Adam, a noble man took his wife to join the slave abolishment movement, his father - in - law tried to stop them by comparing their action to a drop in the ocean. Yet ”What is an ocean but a…

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Címkék: roma civic Alsószetmárton Rotaract Club 2013.02.27. 10:07

La Bodeguita del Medio - the Cuban escape in the heart of Budapest

by Ruxanda Renita “My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita”(Hemingway E.) Born in Cuba, but moved to Europe; I remember my father relishing each page of Hemingway’s book - “The Old man and the Sea”, translating the poetry of the Nobel Prize Nominees Nicolas Guillen and…

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Címkék: gastro del La Bodeguita Medio 2013.02.24. 20:40

Alexander Tinei - the Moldovan painter who conquered the world

by Ruxanda Renita ”Everything is possible for him who believes.”(Marc 9:23) Those of you, who are interested in contemporary art, might be familiar with Alexander Tinei from Deak Erika Gallery’s exhibitions, Art Market Budapest 2012 or Nightfall exhibition curated by Jane Neal in…

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Címkék: culture Moldova Alexander Tinei 2013.02.24. 20:13