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Hungary is attracted by millions of people all over the world, and Russian speaking immigrants are not an exception. Living in Hungary, a Russian person tries to be somehow connected to his homeland, and Volga-Press.BT a Hungarian company organised by Russian immigrant helps keeping them in touch…

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Címkék: russian personal business volga-press Irina Takacs 2012.12.15. 15:03

Budapest is the European capital of classical music

By Ma Ying – Hai Di Last year, at the concert of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra in Budapest, a friend of mine introduced Lan Mei Li, a charming woman in her 30’s to me. She is a musician, now living in Switzerland but often coming back to Budapest, where she has finished her musical…

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Címkék: personal cultural Li Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra Lan Mei 2012.10.29. 09:59

Brazilians who rock Budapest

By Hakeem Babalola  The Brazilian community in Budapest seems to understand the power of integration. It is this understanding that obviously gave birth to the first Brazil week which was celebrated on September 11 2011 in Budapest to commemorate the country’s independence. Expected to…

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Címkék: personal Wagner Anita Gloria Frank Rosana Mariano Brazil week Antunes 2012.10.16. 12:31

Life in Europe

By Itopa Tersoo Living in a foreign land has been a great motivation and challenge to my life as an individual and as a businessman. I came all the way in 2010 from the western side of Africa (Nigeria) into Europe (Hungary) in order to further my education and see how I can secure a much more…

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Címkék: personal Europe IBS Africa Nigeria 2012.10.09. 09:00

Traditional Vietnamese wedding

By Van Anh Nguyen Summer is coming and it is great time for a colorful wedding. Are you curious about Asian wedding? In this article we are going to visit a Vietnamese traditional wedding which is influenced from Confucian and Buddhist ideologies. Wedding celebrations in Vietnam and in Europe…

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Címkék: personal cultural Vietnamese wedding 2012.10.02. 09:26

Do you consider foreign students as immigrants?

By Valeria Dauhalevich Being a student in an international university in Budapest, I often get puzzled when one considers me an immigrant. Can a student from another country be perceived as an immigrant? My investigation introduced me to the issue more closely… In average an immigrant is a…

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Címkék: personal students university immigrants 2012.09.24. 14:52

What are you doing in Hungary?

By Hakeem Babalola What are you doing in Hungary is a question many migrants get every day. And Hungarians usually ask this question with honesty and straightforwardness.  It seems a normal question to ask a foreigner. “What are you doing here?” But then it becomes much…

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