Europe: Tackling Immigrants’ over-qualification

By Hakeem Babalola I recently attended a conference in Brussels. Titled “Over-qualification of Immigrants: an acute manifestation of Europe’s larger labour market failings”, the two-day conference highlights the problems and solutions to end over-qualification syndrome among immigrants in…

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Címkék: public labour market 2013.03.14. 15:06

Charity event marks Nigeria’s anniversary

By Hakeem Babalola The embassy of Nigeria in Budapest celebrated the country’s 52nd Independence Day with a visit to two social institutions in that country. The gesture, described as part of “a practical expression to bring the two countries and their people closer”, is the first of its…

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Címkék: public Chief Eddy Onuoha Nigeria charity event 2012.10.08. 10:00

An organisation to help Africa

Story by Samuel Dauda-BrownPhotos from To give they say is more honorable, and being our brothers keeper in times of huge distress seems to be the climax of all virtues. These are the values that gave birth to African-Hungarian Union five years ago (2007). As a result we decided to inquire…

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Címkék: public AHU Raymond Irambo Kiss Virág African-Hungarian Union 2012.08.16. 10:07

Experts were discussing multiculturalism in Budapest

Text by Samuel Dauda Photos by István Csákány / TLI Conference on Democracy and Human Right was once again hosted in Budapest -- 28th of June 2012.  Among the dignitaries and participants that greased the occasion were : Dr Tove Malloy, Dr Henry Nickels, Dóra Ligárt. Mrs Rita Izsak, Zsolt…

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Címkék: public multiculturalism 2012.07.02. 10:21

Racial policy at bars in Budapest

By Hakeem Babalola   A coffee bar near Balha Lujza square is still not serving blacks even after a controversial report was published about the racial policy of the management. This development has cast doubt on whether the Hungarian government actually holds the power to compel pub and bar…

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Címkék: public racism 2012.06.25. 21:00