International language prarade held in Budapest

By Hakeem Babalola It was all fun and intrigue as Budapest played host to languages from almost all over the world at the Millenáris centre B Hall in down town Budapest.The event which took place between September 7- 9 was termed “13 language Parade...The Hungarian Fair for Language Learning…

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Do you consider foreign students as immigrants?

By Valeria Dauhalevich Being a student in an international university in Budapest, I often get puzzled when one considers me an immigrant. Can a student from another country be perceived as an immigrant? My investigation introduced me to the issue more closely… In average an immigrant is a…

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What are you doing in Hungary?

By Hakeem Babalola What are you doing in Hungary is a question many migrants get every day. And Hungarians usually ask this question with honesty and straightforwardness.  It seems a normal question to ask a foreigner. “What are you doing here?” But then it becomes much…

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A girl who started to learn Hungarian in Tbilisi

By Alexandra Takacs Hundreds of students come to Budapest because of the educational exchange programs, but not all of them decide to stay in Hungary and build their own career. They say the reason behind is mainly either the language barrier or the willingness to expand new territories and…

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Good patronage for Africa Museum in Balatonederics

By Hakeem Babalola Hungary`s one and only Afrika Múzeum (Africa Museum) is receiving a very good patronage from the public. On the average, over 2000 people usually visit the museum during the peak days. Run from April to November, the museum has collections of rare African art works -…

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Címkék: culture Dr. Nagy Balatonederics African Museum Endre Tanzania House and Safari Club for Hungarian Hunting lovers 2012.09.12. 10:49

Cultural differences between Ukraine and Hungary

By Aliona Tumko "Culture is a complex which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society." –   Edward B. Tylor        Culture is the full variety of learned human actions patterns. It is a…

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