Hate Speech of the Politicians against Women in Turkey

"There is no such thing as being non-political. Just by making a decision to stay out of politics you are making the decision to allow others to shape politics and exert power over you. And if you are alienated from the current political system, then just by staying out of it you do nothing to change it, you simply entrench it." (Joan Kirner at Women Into Power Conference, Adelaide, October 1994)


Rally of women in Turkey. The banner say “Stop Violence agaınst women” “Male Violence”

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Migrant Participation Website launched on the International Migrants Day

alakulo_ules.jpgThe Migrant Participation website has been officially launched today by the network NGOs from Central and Eastern Europe in frame of the „Fostering political participation and policy involvement of immigrants in 9 Central and Eastern EU countries“ project. The website aims to provide an overview of migrant participation development with focus on societies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania.

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Hungarian language course


Menedék is a good choice for you.

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The German VET system and its structural problems

2011_vm_sperle_rdax_1000x664_80.jpgNo mobility is suported in Germany for VET students, that's what Dr. Christian Sperle the Head of the Department for Vocational Training told in an interview.

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Listen to his music and forget your political agenda

On June 14th Gogol Bordello was playing in Budapest. Music Against Racism had a stall at the event and before the concert (thanks to Skalar Music) I had the opportunity to meet Eugene. As he has a diverse beackground - he is from Ukraine, had a Roma grandparent, migrated to the States in the 80s - I was curious about his opinion.



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Be fit in – Sports Connects


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Azerbaijani NGOs visiting Budapest

Conference on Sharing Best Practices on Fundamental Rights and cooperation of civil society organizations of Hungary and Azerbaijan was held in Duna Palota in April 4th 2014.


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Címkék: Azerbaijan Fundamental Rights Subjective Values Foundation 2014.04.05. 15:11

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