Charming Vietnam

By Van Anh Nguyen Vietnam culture day was organized on 24th October 2012 at the University IBS (International Business School) – Budapest with the name Charming Vietnam. It was successful and made a deep impression on audiences that included Hungarian and many foreigners. Generally, the aims…

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Címkék: cultural Vietnam IBS 2012.12.16. 20:47

The 1st of December

For many of you, the 1st of December represents nothing but the first winter day. For Romanians, the 1st of December represents the National Day of Romanians all around the world. It is the day when Romanians from Moldova, Bucovina, Transylvania and Basarabia united under one single state: The…

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Címkék: cultural RAM Romanian national unity 2012.12.16. 19:53

Budapest is the European capital of classical music

By Ma Ying – Hai Di Last year, at the concert of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra in Budapest, a friend of mine introduced Lan Mei Li, a charming woman in her 30’s to me. She is a musician, now living in Switzerland but often coming back to Budapest, where she has finished her musical…

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Címkék: personal cultural Li Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra Lan Mei 2012.10.29. 09:59

Traditional Vietnamese wedding

By Van Anh Nguyen Summer is coming and it is great time for a colorful wedding. Are you curious about Asian wedding? In this article we are going to visit a Vietnamese traditional wedding which is influenced from Confucian and Buddhist ideologies. Wedding celebrations in Vietnam and in Europe…

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Címkék: personal cultural Vietnamese wedding 2012.10.02. 09:26

International language prarade held in Budapest

By Hakeem Babalola It was all fun and intrigue as Budapest played host to languages from almost all over the world at the Millenáris centre B Hall in down town Budapest.The event which took place between September 7- 9 was termed “13 language Parade...The Hungarian Fair for Language Learning…

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Címkék: millenaris cultural international language parade 2012.09.26. 12:55

Cultural differences between Ukraine and Hungary

By Aliona Tumko "Culture is a complex which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society." –   Edward B. Tylor        Culture is the full variety of learned human actions patterns. It is a…

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Címkék: personal cultural Hungary Ukraine 2012.09.10. 15:29

Full circle

By Ma Ying and Hai Di Last week I had an extraordinary movie experience: The Beijing premiere of the latest Yang Zhang film „Full Circle” was in May. It was screened in Budapest on July 3rd on the occassion of the opening of the Chinese Film Week „Close-up view on China” in the…

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Címkék: china full circle cultural Yang Zhang chinese film festival budapest 2012.07.17. 12:48