Listen to his music and forget your political agenda

On June 14th Gogol Bordello was playing in Budapest. Music Against Racism had a stall at the event and before the concert (thanks to Skalar Music) I had the opportunity to meet Eugene. As he has a diverse beackground - he is from Ukraine, had a Roma grandparent, migrated to the States in the 80s - I…

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by Ruxanda Renita Photos: Attila Glazer “Dust consists of particles in the atmosphere that come from various sources”. (Hess- Kosa, K.) Similar to it; Nelson Reguera from Cuba, Valencia James from Barbados, Attila Glazer and Marton Gothar from Hungary met in Budapest to bring life to the…

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Alexander Tinei - the Moldovan painter who conquered the world

by Ruxanda Renita ”Everything is possible for him who believes.”(Marc 9:23) Those of you, who are interested in contemporary art, might be familiar with Alexander Tinei from Deak Erika Gallery’s exhibitions, Art Market Budapest 2012 or Nightfall exhibition curated by Jane Neal in…

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Good patronage for Africa Museum in Balatonederics

By Hakeem Babalola Hungary`s one and only Afrika Múzeum (Africa Museum) is receiving a very good patronage from the public. On the average, over 2000 people usually visit the museum during the peak days. Run from April to November, the museum has collections of rare African art works -…

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World intercultural festival in Csepel

Friday and Sunday, (6th and 8th of July); residence of Budapest witnessed a two day cultural program that was held Arpad utca -- in Csepeli Munkosotthon building. But before the event thoroughly commence participating countries marched and paraded their national costumes on the street of Csepel and…

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Represent Cuba

                                     By: Renita Ruxanda  In accordance to World Bank, just in 2010 the global number of migrants reached 215 million. The usual immigration concept associated to economical, political or climate problems tend to fall behind. The…

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